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Inspiring bold policymaking to ensure technology supports a fair, inclusive and thriving democratic society.

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Understanding the landscape for digital redress: Announcing our call for evidence

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Legal Access Challenge

Doteveryone’s made the Legal Access Challenge final! 🎉

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Yes To Redress!

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Martha Lane Fox, Chi Onwurah MP, Stefan Hunt, Azeem Azhar and Damian Collins MP spoke at Doteveryone’s event

Let’s prove tech companies wrong on regulation

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Supporting consumers to seek redress from digital harms

David Pilling, Ombudsman Services

Knowledge ≠ understanding  –  how to be a responsible leader in a digital world

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The Office for Responsible Technology: Informing policymakers and the public

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The Office for Responsible Technology: Empowering Regulators

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Introducing the Office for Responsible Technology

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Catching child killers and other problems good tech regulation can help to solve

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Helping Parliament respond to Brexit

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Tech regulation is broken and the time to act was yesterday

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Regulating for Responsible Technology: Making the case for an Independent Internet Regulator

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Designing systemically for change in an emerging field of tech ethics

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