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Dispatches from the real world

Dispatches from the real world

Doteveryone Responsible Technology Organisational Ecosystem Map

Building a Responsible Tech Community

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Helping Parliament respond to Brexit with digital solutions

Be a Better Internetter

Helping the public shape the impacts of tech

People, Power and Technology

Bringing together the social sector, social sciences & technology

Helping people seek redress from digital harms

Practical resources to innovate responsibly

Regulating for responsible technology

Supporting a culture for female innovators to thrive

Data, skills and culture for a better care system

Industry attitudes to responsible technology

Consequence Scanning – an agile practice for responsible innovators

Realising better work in the gig economy

Responsible procurement – rethinking how the public sector buys tech

The Online Harms White Paper – Doteveryone’s response

Responsible facial recognition technologies

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doteveryone five years fighting for better tech for everyone

Five years fighting for better tech for everyone

Catherine Miller

Buying better tech in government

Kapila Perera

The Online Resolution Service: a prototype of a shared platform for online complaints

Richard Pope

People, Power and Technology: The 2020 Digital Attitudes Report

Catherine Miller

Join us for the launch of People, Power and Technology: The 2020 Digital Attitudes Report 

Hannah Kitcher

To make tech accountable for online harms we need to harness each part of the system

Joe Massey

We still need responsible tech for care in a global pandemic

Lydia Nicholas

Using location data responsibly in practice

Lil Patuck

Re-designing digital gig work

James Barclay
Illustration Better Care in the Age of Automation report cover

Launching Care Data Futures in Scotland

Lydia Nicholas
People, Power and Technology

Introducing People, Power and Technology: The 2020 Edition 

Jacob Ohrvik-Stott

Ending the app trap: why (and how) we need to reform the gig economy

Jacob Ohrvik-Stott