Practical resources to innovate responsibly

We work with organisations to help them mitigate their technology’s unintended consequences so their organisation can achieve its full potential. 

We don’t just talk about ethics. We give teams practical ways to make products that work for people, communities and the planet.

Drawing on groundbreaking research into technology’s impacts on society and extensive testing within business, our multidisciplinary team has created TECHTRANSFORMED – a programme to help you build technology in a way that’s bold, fast AND responsible.

TECHTRANSFORMED is a must-have for business

  • Stay ahead by spotting the potential negative impacts of your technology and addressing them before they become a risk to your business.
  • Build trust in your products. In Doteveryone’s research, 50% of the public say the internet’s made life a lot better for them individually but only 12% say it’s had a very positive impact on society overall. 
  • Attract and retain top talent. We found 28% of UK tech workers have seen product decisions that could lead to negative consequences – 18% of them went on to leave their company as a result. 
  • Meet growing demand for technology that makes a positive difference.  76% of the public say it’s important to them what values a company holds.  

Our practices  – quick to get started, easy to understand

Product principles

Build tech products that align with your mission and values.

  • Articulate what responsible technology means for your organisation
  • Define how you want your products to behave
  • Create useful guardrails that empower product teams to innovate at speed

Consequence Scanning

Consider the potential intended and unintended impacts of your technology early and often.

  • Put your Responsible Product Principles into practice
  • Surface consequences and develop actionable next steps for your team
  • Help your team think critically so they can make the best products possible.

How we work – we design a programme that makes responsible innovation a reality for your business

Workshops – to define your Product Principles and consider the impacts of your technology

Training – for key team members to help them embed responsible practice throughout your business

Advisory services – to support you to create the conditions for responsible innovation to thrive in your organisation

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An interactive learning tool to help practitioners in location-based technologies innovate responsibly