An interactive learning tool to help practitioners in location-based technologies innovate responsibly

Geospatial ethics is complex. 

Location data has led to waves of new innovation and enhanced user experiences.  But it has also created a host of unintended consequences.

Location data can support increasingly personalised experiences, but can also be used to target and discriminate, or can leave vulnerable people at risk.

Despite its widespread use, the potential impact of geospatial data often gets little consideration and is much less scrutinised than the use of financial and health data. There is currently no formal process for practitioners in location-based technologies to maximise the positives and mitigate potential harms. This is a missed opportunity. 

As part of the Benchmark Inititative’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence Programme, we are developing an interactive learning tool for practitioners in location-based technologies.

The tool – Navigate – will draw upon Doteveryone’s expertise from developing the TECHTRANSFORMED responsible innovation programme to support them to learn from past mistakes, to surface and understand potential unintended consequences and to design for more ethical geospatial products that will serve users and society at large in the long term. 

Doteveryone is one of four teams working on innovative ways of dealing with ethical and practical challenges around location data, while gaining the benefits that data can bring, with the Benchmark Initiative.

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