Making a culture where women and girls can succeed as inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs

It’s not news that the technology industry is dominated by men. There are lots of brilliant schemes that support young women and girls to get STEM qualifications, and peer support groups for women at work. But the culture isn’t changing fast enough, and neither are the numbers. The 2018 Technation report estimates it will take until 2094 to achieve gender parity.

That is a very long time.

Meanwhile, the biggest tech companies are led by men, and the most celebrated engineers and innovators of the Internet age are men. And the way technology is represented in stories and in the media has been traditionally dominated by men too.

Technology needs new stories – ones that inspire different people to make new futures, and to make them their own way. And ones that show the men who already have power that there are other ways to do things.

Doteveryone is exploring how new stories can change and influence the culture that makes our technology, and the culture of the technology industry – so that technology is more responsible and more representative of everyone.

We’ve written a white paper setting out the research, and published a first experimental anthology. Next we want to make a documentary that brings to life what the world is missing out on, and sets out a challenge for more and better representation of women and girls as inventors and innovators, in stories and on screens. We’re looking for partners, so if you’d like to collaborate or fund this activity, let us know at [email protected].

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