Realising better work in the gig economy

Gig work is a small but growing part of the UK’s economy.

But whilst it provides many benefits to workers, it currently lacks the social safety nets of traditional employment – it can be financially insecure and gig workers tend to have fewer opportunities for training and development. 

At Doteveryone, we want to see:

  • widespread recognition across workers, government, civil society and business that platform economy workers need a supportive social infrastructure to achieve quality, flexible work
  • a coalition of organisations to build supportive social infrastructure for platform economy workers
  • quality work is more achievable for more people in the context of increased instability and automation
  • Government proactively develops policy to improve the safety nets for gig economy workers.

Safety nets for gig workers

We are currently undertaking in-depth, qualitative research with gig workers to better understand their needs and introduce three prototyped solutions, co-designed to provide new safety nets to help overcome the barriers they face.

The solutions will specifically focus on building financial resilience and opportunities for long-term training and development.

We are also developing policy recommendations and building a coalition to support our findings.

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